SB Reaper

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Introducing the "SB Reaper", With it's baitfish profile and versatile use it gives a unique offering to wary walleye. A suspending bait that excels for casting and stop and go retrieves / jerkbait. Trolls well behind boards, dipsies, or by itself. It boasts strong size 4 hooks and loud rattles. With the added weight for suspension the bait casts very well. A great choice for shore anglers as well.

Available in 17 color options. (Naked not shown)
Reaper body length (without bill) = 4.5 inches
Max depth of 17ft (when trolled) according to the Precision Trolling App

NOTE: Chrome and Naked are generally used for custom painting and may not be as durable without final finishing. Naked baits will come with hooks unattached.