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Best Baits for Livescope!!

When targeting walleye or other species with Livescope it's hard to beat the 1-2 punch of the tantalizing Live Bait of the Death Jig and the reaction strike inducing RIP~N~GLIDES.

Soft Plastics, Jigs, and Hooks

Whether you're looking for a great live bait jigs, some all around soft plastic kits in either paddle or curly tail, or some great hooks, we've got you covered. Check out our products below.


Whether you're looking for the large profiled deep diving Reaper or the high action Boogie Shad, we've got you covered for all species.

Custom Blades and Harnesses

Grab a traditional 2 hook harness or one of our Double Trouble Harnesses with slow death action to entice those walleye to bite. Want to mix it up, grab some of our custom blades that can be swapped out on any of our harnesses with the snap clevis.

WNC Swag

Looking for some sweet looking clothing, hats, or accessories? Look now further, we've got what you need.

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