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Whether you need a replacement for your Death Jig or want to make your own harnesses, the Walleye Nation Creations Double Trouble Hook and Slow Roll Hook will help you convert more strikes into fish.

The built in treble on the Double Trouble hook grabs fish attacking the head of the bait quick and doesn’t let go. Thread a crawler or other bait onto the hook pushing the head of the bait over the eyelet and snug to the bottom of the treble. Nothing goes on the treble hook. If you have the typical crawler presentation issue of small fish pulling the worm down leave a small tag at the head of the bait and hook on the treble, problem solved!!

Prefer the traditional slow roll hook, we've got you covered with our 2/0 strong and sharp WNC Slow Roll.

Double Trouble Hooks- Sold in packs of 5

Slow Roll Hooks- Sold in packs of 25